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How to reply " why do you find new job "
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How clever answer leaves his post reason

Case: Mr Yao works more than 5 years in firm of ad of fierce Chang Mou,

An ace is on business. But because of with boss feud, mr Yao is driven beyond forbearance, chose to find new job eventually.

Below the friend's commendation, mr Yao interview several enterprises. Without an other place, personnel of invite applications for a job asked about the reason that find new job. Just began, photograph of Mr Yao speak bluntly is accused, fail to apply for a success however. Yao tells the sir after the friend makes visit, the other side feels his professional ability is pretty good, but " be on bad terms with boss " this, however one ticket overruled Mr Yao -- do with lead concern bad, won't handle human relation it is thus clear that.

Then, mr Yao draws a lesson, will leave his post reason instead " income is too low " , a few units that can apply for still dare not want him however. Yao tells the sir after the friend asks, the other side is afraid of be regarded as by him " transfer " unit, one have better unit undermine the foundation, may find new job again.

Mr Yao headaches the ground says: "' why to find new job ' it is an unintelligible mystery really, how to reply, be caught likely by unit of invite applications for a job ' a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others ' .

Zhang Shaoxiong of division of advanced vocational guidance: As far as possible desalt is sensitive the answer, do not leave guessed room to personnel of invite applications for a job.

Ever investigation makes clear, leave his post in what interview middling sees at present the reason includes: Human relation is bad that processing, income shoulds not expectation, get along with boss bad, actuating pressure is great etc. But just look from company invite applications for a job, the element of itself of the person that these reasons include to apply for a job more or less, the likelihood affects the job in the future to develop, if reach issue of human relation of the client, wage with the colleague, cannot bear competition. Because this does not suggest,use this kind of account.

Recommend: Use as far as possible not as big as working ability relation, can be what person place understands leave one's post reason, if plan to accord with professional career, go to work to affect the work too far, charge, off, fall ill etc.

Attention: Avoid sensitive answer, do not mean deceit, if personnel of invite applications for a job asks about detail problem, should reply according to the facts. Otherwise to apply for a job person sincere letter spends a likelihood to sell at a discount greatly, successful possibility is less. . . . . .