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Interview success self introduction 3 measure
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1, ego understanding
In thinking one arrow, above all must recognize ego, must make clear the following 3 problems. You dry what is now? What should you do in the future? Dry what is you go?

These 3 problems are not to press time order to arrive again to now from in the past in the future, arrive again to in the future from now however in the past. Its secret depends on: If you are employed, of employer pitch on is now you, he hopes those who use is in the future you, and the history that is based on you again this future and current situation.

So, the first problem, dry what are you? Dry what is now? Answer this question, the point is: You are yourself, not be other what person. Unless you distinguish oneself and others,come, emphasize differentia more on bit more collective foundation, otherwise you do not have a likelihood to seize chief in the numerous person that should seek job absolutely. To the first problem, ego introspection is deeper, self appraisal is more successful.

Subsequently, begin to answer the 2nd question: What should you do in the future? If of your application is a decisive job, employer pays close attention to you to be designed to prospective ego very much for certain. Your answer wants specific, reasonable, accord with your present identity, want to have a chiccer color.

Next, begin to answer the last question again: Dry what is you go? Your past already had report on personal details of course. You answer this question once more in interview when, cannot the place of oversight is: Do not shake off the fine long hair is irrelevant in the future past with you. If your midway changes his profession thoroughly, the consistency of target of the persistence that should describing you more, profession fluctuates some of kongfu. Want to accomplish this, want again faithful at fact and oneself, the simplest method is: Find the past and the connection place in the future, collect the data in the past, arrange by target primary and secondary again.

With such method, with be jumping-off place now, with be a target in the future, confirm with was in the past, the most important is the ego analysis that deepened you and understanding. Actually, in interview when the your work that not certain and organic meeting perhaps is necessary to copy you, but the whole that the immanent connection of these 3 problems nods regular meeting put oneself in another's position to be stated in ego now feels medium, make your figure lifelike.

2, it is good to cast its place

After the strong point that understands oneself, can begin to prepare the content of self introduction: Include working mode, advantage, mastery of a skill or technique, setting of outstanding achievement, professional knowledge, learning.

Advantage is numerous, but only a minute short, what so everything still concerns with this company is good. If be company of a computer, should say the topic of some of computer; So company of finance affairs of a finance, can say the thing of money with him, it is good that anyhow casts its place.
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