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It is low-key that interview moment should want to be returned enthusiasticly?
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Before before long, media reports university of some famous brand fastens a director to report in what after taking office as 14 months, be dismissed, reportorial cite the explanation of officer honest officer to this matter: "His job works not badly, but too low-key. And school just need right now more the department head that the public turns. And school just need right now more the department head that the public turns..

And see oneself, I fall and did not lose the job because of his low-key disposition, but also did not get a job because of this. I am to low-key definition " do not highlight oneself, more overcautious " , but it also is mixed with easy, gentle, sedate, modest at the same time wait for an advantage to be united in wedlock together.

My story is below, I groom in the skill of to apply for a job with tuitional place normally the student that tells it to me on the class.

Several years ago, I ever had sought a position to orgnaization of commonweal of a diminutive, the working content of this position is with teenage contact with, they mostly discontinue one's studying or slight crime. These adolescent are asked to participate in morning exercises of the community labor, practice that make morning to wait, the purpose depends on helping them return to correct path.

Consequently this position requirement can manage and incentive these " problem teenager " .

I was passed smoothly take an examination of an official the first try to me, be informed to undertake a second-round exam next, two senior controller that come from headquarters added in the official is being taken an examination of when the second-round exam. And the comment of that without rhyme or reason that appears in halfway, I still am forgotten hard up to now.

A senior controller says: "You are pretty good really, the problem also replies well, but look some more low-key. But look some more low-key..

I think this is the alleged and awkward hour in interview.

His comment makes I ate one Jing, I temporarily speechless (this kind of reaction perhaps more confirm his viewpoint) . Invite applications for a job person normally the practice should be, if have a view to a certain applicant, the person of interview can go up in paper or these views are marked in the heart, after ending the analytic consider that behaves to all applicant interview, again bright out personal conclusion. No matter serve as an invite applications for a job person still serve as an applicant, I had not encountered the trouble that makes known my position on the spot so. This kind of act meets the applicant of sensitize feel unwell, be immersed in defensive position.

Bad is, person of my as usual is average, lost aplomb. When waiting lift together with chief, I try to explain to him, I what actually unlike looks is low-key in that way, since not by employ, this kind of explanation already was infructuous actually. Actually, probable be because I am other be washed out consequently formerly, but I did not think so at that time.
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