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[Interview skill] big lousy invite applications for a job " day door blast "
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Applying for a job is a drudgery, you not only want use all over skill, reveal oneself from industry ability all, and have blessing Er even rub this detective and a mind which perceives both past and future, a variety of trap in process of get behind invite applications for a job, next again of exert Mu Guiying destroy an ability, come defeat greatly " day door blast " .
The first: The trap in help wanted

Embattle law:

1. Expire or dummy position is vacant: Have company of adviser of issue of small number of people, expand to beg impetus, recommend in position in, publish a few what already expired is alleged " invite applications for a job " , and anounced pay Yi Ke can be as discrepant as true condition.

2. Honor decorates: A few companies enter job requirement to rise, or the applicant that attracts taller record of formal schooling, decorate functionary honor United States annulus is beautifully Huan, decorate insurance salesman finance planner for example.

3. Drive a firewood reward that has allure greatly, it is the common method that attracts pair of industry know-nothing.

4. Same company year in year out puts an advertisement in newspapers print, as if to be less than right stuff please forever. Noticing this is likely please is certain company flow to check resource of market trends, manpower a kind of way of the circumstance.

5. Make sure how much yearly salary is the word over, go out to make the trade of main income in order to carry now normally. Whether can come true finally, need to inspect your expression and ability.

6. Add " hire urgently " , " a large number of begging hire " word, exterior Qiu Xianre is thirsty, actually surchage invite applications for a job, short-term inside again preferred discard bad, for nothing " exploit " probation labor.

7. In one pile favourable condition falls, need cost signing up or cash pledge.

Break a law:

1. To apply for a job person the company chooses the human affairs adviser with appropriate choice reliable credit for you, on the other hand, the invite applications for a job on the net only the page also can appear replace not quite seasonable situation, to apply for a job person the density that must notice advertising online date and webpage are updated.

2. Requirement company lists position is described.

3. Actual strength of company of observe publicly and investigate privately, if general manager cannot make so much money, you return covet what!

4. Examine the help wanted inside a paragraph of period, frequency is exorbitant person, do not pay too much mental efforts, also do not hold aether in the arms to expect greatly.

5. Measure fixed base salary to whether achieve the requirement that raises the home to paper a mouth beforehand.

6. Not need and so much person " contend for bestow favor on " .
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