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Figure of to apply for a job is designed -- teach you to give one Zhang Piaolian
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Apply for a job to had wanted interview cage surely. The aggravate that the profession competes, make to apply for a job person ten minutes short to be in in interview whether reveal oneself adequately to take seriously more and more -- , resume elaborate design, dress intention chooses, somebody is on operating-table even " change the appearance " . In process of to apply for a job, what kind of " pack " appropriate and effective? Not long ago, shanghai fir amounted to an university to hold successfully " imitate is applied for, aid you to seek a good job " activity, on Shanghai " figure of to apply for a job designs atelier " 3 experts visited the spot to undertake guidance for the undergraduate. The famous TV art that these 3 experts are Shanghai Thespian institute respectively, performance is chaired, hairdressing makes up professor, the reporter interviewed them, the question that asks them to design a respect to figure of to apply for a job refers answer.


Figure of to apply for a job is designed --

Give one Zhang Piaoliang's calling card

When to apply for a job, have the aid of is certain skill, develop oneself knowledge, ability, mastery of a skill or technique adequately come out, it is an art. Want to achieve this goal, need is considering to fit a style, notice detail is decorated, undertake figure is designed appropriately, drilling style of conversation and interlocution. 3 experts set out from respective research domain, the person that it is to apply for a job respectively was made explain in detail.


Body language

Case: Xiaowang is walked into apply for the spot, taking an examination of sit on the official calm, the body leans toward back chair, cock of cross-legged or with ankle on knee, before bosom of two tactics across, the eye stares at official of move take an examination ofing closely, the eyes is insecure.

Comment on (Dai Ping teachs Shanghai Thespian college) :

To apply for a job person casual in interview process shown body language is very crucial to interview success or failure, sometimes an eyes or gesticulation can affect integral grading. A few proposals give out here, to apply for a job person can contrast him drilling.

The eyes: The eye is interior window, appropriate eyes can be reflected a wisdom, self-confidence and to the company yearning with enthusiasm. Proper eyes expression should be: Face up to the other side courteously, but should avoid to stare the other side for long, give a person easily the sense of aggressive otherwise; The look can move 3 seconds, the place that fix had better be the area of nose eye triangle that checks an official (social division) ; The look is gentle and have a mind, dedicated and not inflexible, the eyes does not want because of insecurity rove; Strabismus of avoid by all means, next inspecting, admire inspect, cannot have more drift, absent-minded, tease the eyes even.
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