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Face we should like to ask inscribes an encyclopedia
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1, why do we want hire you?
Some interview have only so a problem.

2, what is the weakness that you think you are the biggest?
Do not want ground of think oneself clever to reply absolutely " my biggest drawback is too pursuit is perfect " , some people think such answers can appear oneself are more outstanding, but in fact, he already Ji lofty can high.

3, what is the college courses that you like most? Why?
The course related the position that you should apply for compose a quarrel, those who behave oneself is true-blue without what disadvantage.

4, what is the college courses that you like least of all? Why?   
"I must say the major Cheng that is our university, although I know they are routine only public affairs, but on classroom inanimate, teacher and student just want to endure this session " .

5, who is the teacher that you like most during the university?
My all along answer is (also be really in fact) : Teach us the professor of advertisement sale, he can make classroom fills life. Let a student combine knowledge and reality cheek by jowl through example, is not be a bookworm this, what I think I get from his body is most.

6, what can you bring for our company?
If you are possible word, it is OK to try to tell them you bring down their charge -- " I had accepted those who cross MicrosoftAccess and Word to groom, can work with mount guard immediately " (they may think there: Access grooms $540Word wanting a flower should spend $445, this boy can save those who issue $1000 to groom for us charge.

7, what are 3 words that can you generalize yourself most?
3 words that I often use are: Get used to ability strong, conscientious and work have from beginning to end, combine specific example to explain to official of be in charge of an examination, make they feel you have development latent capacity.

8, why you apply for this job?
"Because I believe I can make contribution for the company,I will apply for is, my experience in this domain is very few the person is comparable, and my suiting ability makes I believe firmly I can take responsibility a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position " .

9, what view do you have to working overtime?
As far as possible honest -- if you said " be " and do not think however actually, so you are met by the person all the time gaze at.

10, what knowledge do you have to our company?
Say a few things that you know, like having at least among them, be " how much is sale how many " and so on.

11, how are you to know our invite applications for a job of this position?
If you are the message that from company interior someone place asks about to come back, remember alluding his name, the company does not say partial interior concerns not to represent it nonexistent.
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