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How does wage issue talk when interview
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Talking about compensation first is kind of waste

Compensation talking in precious interview opportunity is a kind of waste, in some sense, this is to give others an argument that rejects you. So professional adviser does not advocate talk about pay actively when interview with the boss. But in some interview, although you avoid to talk about pay again and again, interview official or meeting ask your front answers these questions. If this moment is returned again and again evade, be afraid be about to make oneself appear weak.


How to speak of drop going up?

When answering pay question, cannot answer by reckless courage chaos stretch, want to have preparation, want to have strategy:

Politic 1, the trend that puts expectation value to industry development goes

What is the major that considers you? Talent market does to you the demand of this kind of talent have how old? Advertent person all round you: Your classmate, your friend, search with you same a working person, the salary of how many can they take? Join the case of the company, take an average among them to consider your expectation compensation, return much should more advertent news to counteract the report that course of study of one's own profession concerns at the same time.

Politic 2, body of capital of constrained Yu Xin does not want when talking about pay

Pay talks in interview, be cannot " talk about pay with respect to pay " , want to hold measurable and reasonable principle. Tell oneself interview the official, pay is not important, you more those who care is position itself, you like this job; Tell a company you hope the company can know his value. Such, can promote another height wage issue, will conduce to you finding a satisfactory job.

The society gives him leave a way out

The Miss Zhang graduation of travel major arrives later a large travel can exhibit company interview, my wife in course of study the thing looks, this is the company of a very famous gas and actual strength. In interview, miss Zhang is behaved very outstandingly, but when trying the compensation that the official asks about to she expects face to face, she leaves gave a higher salary, the salary difference that offers new employee with this company is bigger. Interview official shows clearly: Such pay, our company cannot be accepted. The eye looks at interview at a stand, the job that oneself like is about to lose, miss Zhang does not want to demote oneself again social status, then she is to tell interview the official first on one hand, pay is not the most important, important is he hope to be able to be in company study, job; On the other hand, she takes out herself again before working experience, combine the foreground that can exhibit property to undertake an analysis. This " stalling tactics " alleviated well " negotiation condition " , the interview that makes be about to end gets a favourable turn, also make Miss Zhang final to apply for a job is successful.
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