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Interview: Clever not by clever by accident
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Many to apply for a job person self-righteous when to apply for a job, pretend to be clever, result however as a result of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, outsmart oneself instead. Author basis chairs interview result for years, summary goes out the following at 3 o'clock interview " a magic weapon " :
It is to say less had better. The meaning that can make clear with a word anything but protraction reachs 2, but should state a huge is enthusiastic again at the same time, a bit cannot let official of be in charge of an examination see weak point. Say less to just won't expose oneself to be opposite the ignorance of some respect, ability avoids to let his a few things that are contrary to with photograph of idea of officer of be in charge of an examination are blurted out, cause the discomfort of official of be in charge of an examination. Common saying says well: "Character is broken surely more " , "Out of the mouth comes evil. " .
2 be with static apply the brake. Normally official of be in charge of an examination has excitement of the person that cause to apply for a job, stimulate the idea of its mood, lure its next " say true word " , so ten million cannot " be duped " , and the method that defends oneself has 2: It is control language fast, with middling speed gentlier dialect is incompact narrate slow, no matter problem how artful, not excited; 2 it is avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, the problem that challenges a gender to those having does not want openly answer, if become official of be in charge of an examination to ask about: "The work in the same placing that hears of you and you when you is labelled when manager candidate, how can you treat your work in the same placing? " any answers are faulty, best answer is " and common and same " -- the common heart that shows you.
3 be with changeless should 10 thousand change. Experience of setting of state of the individual in wanting to know interview process, education, work this 3 big board piece content all belongs to changeless content, can remember well in the heart fully at reading aloud ripe back at ordinary times, and the regular also meeting such as ambition of income, individual is asked about, it is a method only officials of each be in charge of an examination may differ somewhat, want scrupulous answer so, but be sure to keep in mind: Not lying, these are very sensitive issues, unit of choose and employ persons can be found out after all certainly.
Still be that adage, should say should say to appear, ought not to say want leakproof, do not think oneself clever.

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