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Invite applications for a job met Changchun on July 31
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Time: Every week 2, 3, 4, meeting ground chooses 6 spots invite applications for a job: How does the Changchun City amount to a street 229 traffic: Public transportation 19, 119, 222, 262 Xi'an bridge stands; 245, 280 talents market stands, 230 prosperous make the same score a street to stand, 271, stall of the station in 291 Xi'an bridge makes an appointment phone: (0431)88547260-8115, 8116 (0431)88547275 88547797

Lin Shenghua of Zhou Siji of 57 0807311 2008.07.31 believes industrial group limited company
The Changchun City of Zhousi of 58 0807311 2008.07.31 gets together limited company of business management adviser
Limited company of equipment of electron of far nicety of Lin Shengfeng of Zhou Siji of 59 0807311 2008.07.31
Limited company of broker of rich futures of Zhou Sitian of 60 0807311 2008.07.31
Heat addition of the Changchun City of Zhousi of 61 0807311 2008.07.31 expands limited company
The Changchun City of Zhousi of 62 0807311 2008.07.31 Lai heart foreign language grooms the school
Zhou Sijin heart of 63 0807311 2008.07.31 is in charge of trade group K0
Zhou Siji of 64 0807311 2008.07.31 condiment of food of Lin Shengxin peaceful limited company
Chun Kangrui of Zhou Sichang of 65 0807311 2008.07.31 amounts to limited company of medical science and technology
Zhou Siji of 66 0807311 2008.07.31 industry of drug of Lin Shengding crane limited company
Zhou Siyu of 67 0807311 2008.07.31 establishs line of business of city Xiao Lai wine limited company
Colorful cosmetic of in relief city of distant of Zhousi of 68 0807311 2008.07.31 one factory
Center of business affairs of new young person of Changchun of Zhousi of 69 0807311 2008.07.31
Guesthouse of Zhou Sitian ala of 70 0807311 2008.07.31
Zhousi of 71 0807311 2008.07.31 grows limited company of vernal bright ad
Limited company of fine chemical industry of energy of Zhou Sisi dimension of 72 0807311 2008.07.31 - 42
Limited company of food of Dali of the Changchun City of Zhousi of 73 0807311 2008.07.31
City building of Zhou Sizhong of 74 0807311 2008.07.31 bureau of the first project branch of limited company Changchun
Smooth Li Jingjian meets Zhou Siyang of 75 0807311 2008.07.31 personally
Industry of drug of force of Lin Hong of Zhou Siji of 76 0807311 2008.07.31 limited company
Zhou Siji of 77 0807311 2008.07.31 limited company of science and technology of network of Lin Shengxin peaceful
Donghua of the Changchun City of Zhousi of 78 0807311 2008.07.31 is energy-saving engineering limited company
All ages of city of Zhou Sisu state of 79 0807311 2008.07.31 tells limited company tubal line of business
Ji Hang of the Changchun City of Zhousi of 80 0807311 2008.07.31 imports vehicle maintenance and repair to serve limited company
Cleanness of Xinming of the Changchun City of Zhousi of 81 0807311 2008.07.31 serves finite liability company
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