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Invite applications for a job met Changchun on September 2
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Time: Every week 2, 3, 4, meeting ground chooses 6 spots invite applications for a job: How does the Changchun City amount to a street 229 traffic: Public transportation 19, 119, 222, 262 Xi'an bridge stands; 245, 280 talents market stands, 230 prosperous make the same score a street to stand, 271, stall of the station in 291 Xi'an bridge makes an appointment phone: (0431)88547260-8115, 8116 (0431)88547275 88547797

Post of invite applications for a job of name of unit of week of date of invite applications for a job of serial number showing number
0809021 2008.09.02 Zhou Erjin heart is in charge of trade group K0
Zhou Erping of 1 0809021 2008.09.02 brings insurance company
Limited company of communication of city of gold of Changchun of Zhouer of 2 0809021 2008.09.02
Limited company of sporting goods of azimuth of Linxin of Zhou Erji of 3 0809021 2008.09.02
Net of person of outstanding ability of century of Beijing of Zhouer of 4 0809021 2008.09.02 teachs Changchun of center of science and technology to divide a center
2 Jilin visit week of 5 0809021 2008.09.02 the giant star pledges gently building materials limited company
Zhou Erji of 6 0809021 2008.09.02 limited company of trade of Lin Shengxi dragon
Lin Shengshi of Zhou Erji of 7 0809021 2008.09.02 amounts to electric technology limited company
Company of medicine of grand of day of Linrui of Zhou Erji of 8 0809021 2008.09.02 - A149
2 Jilin province starts week of 9 0809021 2008.09.02 power advertisement engineers limited company
Limited company of electron of farad of Changchun of Zhouer of 10 0809021 2008.09.02
2 Jilin visit week of 11 0809021 2008.09.02 limited company of broker of Xin Kefan estate
Zhouer of 12 0809021 2008.09.02 grows association of volunteer of language of desire for love
Zhou Erfu of 13 0809021 2008.09.02 builds constant to bring a group
Adornment of lily of the Changchun City of Zhouer of 14 0809021 2008.09.02 designs engineering limited company
Zhou Erna of 15 0809021 2008.09.02 closes Ou Qingfeng health care to taste distribute inn
Changchun of Zhouer of 16 0809021 2008.09.02 helps mulberry car up to change one's costume or dress limited company
Lin Shenghua of Zhou Erji of 17 0809021 2008.09.02 contains power equipment limited company
Valve of pump of abstruse force of Shanghai of Zhou Er of 18 0809021 2008.09.02 creates limited company
Zhou Erji of 19 0809021 2008.09.02 limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of Lin Shengcheng enthalpy
Day of 2 Jilin province invests week of 20 0809021 2008.09.02 limited company
A list of names posted up of gold of the rising sun of Beijing of Zhouer of 21 0809021 2008.09.02 teachs books limited company
Industrial limited company counterpoises in the Changchun City of Zhouer of 22 0809021 2008.09.02
Chun Longshi of Zhou Erchang of 23 0809021 2008.09.02 amounts to steel structure to create limited company
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