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Medicine of 500 strong invite applications for a job are represented
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Sha Dong entrusts silent of 500 compulsive drug company delegate of this medicine of station invite applications for a job

Medicine is represented (50-100 person)

  • Workplace: Changchun
  • Working duty: The promotion activity that is in charge of developing company product actively inside the area that establish and gather product information extensively
  • Position requirement:
    1, three-year institution of higher learning or above record of formal schooling, major medicine, medicine learns, nurse, biochemistry or relevant major person You Jia;
    2, have market of drug of a year of above to popularize experience, the person that have experience of work of firm of the pharmacy that cross a state is preferential;
    3, conscientious, can work independently, active and active and ego is incentive;
    4, good communication ability and speech skill;
  • Welfare pay: The company will provide competitive compensation, sell stake, allowance and each long-term welfare. Offer continuously the major of 6 months grooms, the classroom that includes 3-4 week among them grooms and each On Job Learning. Groom content includes product knowledge to groom, sale skill grooms, major visits skill to wait. Classroom grooms is the one share that expands platform only, besides we also will measure a body to custom-built individual development plans and provide development resource for every employee, help every staff grows and rise.
  • Expand a scope: What MSD pays close attention to most is staff capacity rise, behave latent capacity and individual apiration to provide development platform according to the outstanding achievement of employee, include fore-and-aft promotion to reach cross a branch transversely to be on the move.
  • Company brief introduction:

    Company of silent Sha Dong (the company is restrained for silent in American name) , held water 1891, it is one is with scientific research this, devote oneself to medical research, development and sale person to use what use medical innovation product with animal to cross a state pharmacy business. As the whole world 500 mix by force fortune 500 strong companies, silent Sha Dong wins recognition for many times, include 16 times to obtain the United States " fortune " magazine " United States 10 big most suffer title of " of praise highly company to wait.

    Since entering China 1992, silent Sha Dong rolls out medicines and chemical reagents of 12 kinds of innovation and 4 kinds of vaccine in Chinese market in all. The product covers a field extensive. Be based on force of powerful research and development, silent gram whole world and silent Shadong China also will roll out new drug and vaccine in succession, include the whole world among them first cancer is vaccinal - palace neck cancer is vaccinal.
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