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Invite applications for a job met Changchun on September 23
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Time: Every week 2, 3, 4, meeting ground chooses 6 spots invite applications for a job: How does the Changchun City amount to a street 229 traffic: Public transportation 19, 119, 222, 262 Xi'an bridge stands; 245, 280 talents market stands, 230 prosperous make the same score a street to stand, 271, stall of the station in 291 Xi'an bridge makes an appointment phone: (0431)88547260-8115, 8116 (0431)88547275 88547797

Changchun talent market information of this week part invite applications for a job
Post of invite applications for a job of name of unit of week of date of invite applications for a job of serial number showing number
0809231 2008.09.23 Zhou Erjin heart is in charge of trade group K0
Technology of computer of tall family of the Milky Way of Beijing of Zhouer of 1 0809231 2008.09.23 grooms center
Now of Changchun of Zhouer of 2 0809231 2008.09.23 runs finite liability company
2 Jilin visit week of 3 0809231 2008.09.23 An Kai estate develops limited company
Lin Shengrui of Zhou Erji of 4 0809231 2008.09.23 amounts to medical and implemental limited company
Lin Shenglong of Zhou Erji of 5 0809231 2008.09.23 gets the better of highway project finite liability company
Industry of drug of beneficial of Lintian of Zhou Erji of 6 0809231 2008.09.23 limited company
Developing zone of trade of economy of car of Changchun of Zhouer of 7 0809231 2008.09.23 sells limited company into state car
Limited company of beautiful medicine of Lin Shengnuo of Zhou Erji of 8 0809231 2008.09.23
The university entrance exam of the New World-the Americas of the Changchun City of Zhouer of 9 0809231 2008.09.23 grooms the school
Week of 10 0809231 2008.09.23 2 Jiangxi general medical industry limited company
Chong Degong of Changchun of Zhouer of 11 0809231 2008.09.23 builds limited company with establishment
The appearance of a city of Changchun of Zhouer of 12 0809231 2008.09.23 sincere division trade limited company
Letter of Changchun of Zhouer of 13 0809231 2008.09.23 tells telegraphic engineering limited company
The Changchun City of Zhouer of 14 0809231 2008.09.23 justice square mechanical equipment installs engineering limited company
The Changchun City of Zhouer of 15 0809231 2008.09.23 limited company of letter lustre industrial group
Center of credit card of Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of Zhou Er of 16 0809231 2008.09.23
Science and technology of biology of source of high period of Shanghai of Zhou Er of 17 0809231 2008.09.23 expands limited company
Limited company of paint of be linked together of Chun Dong of Zhou Erchang of 18 0809231 2008.09.23
Provision of 10 thousand blessing of city of bayou of Zhou Ermei of 19 0809231 2008.09.23 is limited liability company
Limited company of engineering of biology of hall of take care of oneself of Beijing of Zhouer of 20 0809231 2008.09.23
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