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Approaching the end of Job more than 10 games will be center stage
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At the end is approaching, the provincial capital recruitment continued to hit the workplace, the recent, more than 10 job fairs will be center stage. Provincial talent market held "win in college, win in the future" series, 4 games will be on campus recruiting, organizing time and place for the November 26, respectively, Anhui Medical College, 27 November Hefei University, Anhui Province on December 4 Agricultural University, Anhui University, December 6. In addition, the "winter of 2010 in Anhui college graduates on employment services," public recruitment will also be held as usual, place the third floor of the provincial recruitment of talent market hall (50 meters south of the Yangtze Hotel.) Province, said the talent market, where the 2011 session of the recruitment of employers of college graduates can participate in the provincial job market every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday job fair organized by the daily, free of booth fees. Xin talent network, scheduled for December 11 in Hefei Science and Technology Museum held a grand "2010 Winter comprehensive Job Fair" will be a "Internet network under the" interaction recruitment, before the election to expand the scope to improve the recruitment effect. Part of the mechanics and service personnel affected by the working hours of class, choose not to participate in job fairs your resume online. Anhui recruitment network, will be held for more than recruitment, November 27, December 4 winter sports stadium in Hefei large-scale comprehensive recruitment, December 11 at Anhui International Exhibition Center "for 2010 final large recruitment event. " Labor market, at present, Hefei Employment Agency human resources market opening hours every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, located at Hefei Jinzhai Road and City Road intersection Lujiang Employment Agency the second floor.