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Wind manager gives directions when " interview experience " (turn)
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Recently, the person that the company that I am in passes the to apply for a job of primary election to 12 undertakes interview the first round, below author record among them most to apply for a job person the problem that may encounter in interview, asked Laosu of company general manager to do following commenting on, the hope is right to apply for a job person somewhat enlightenment.
Disposition of the first link checks

12 interview person be undertaken by the requirement the name is above all " advantage of individual of working disposition exam is idiosyncratic exploration system " test, include the relevant target such as ethics of action of working disposition, job, job among them. In a few minutes, the result of the test came out, handed in be about to the company invite applications for a job of interview person in the hand.

Doubt: Is this kind of test true can pry my disposition? I very suspicion. Because these problems look to know to choose which answer,meet " add cent " , sedulous part is too large.

General manager comments on: When using psychological exam tool, the sedulous answer that gets the person that measure is regular meeting existence. But to professional psychological exam tool character, such problem can pass through the judgement error that a lot of technics cause sedulous answer to reduce lowermost rate actually. There is social period to make index in a lot of exam for example, undertake assessment with the sedulous error rate of the person that will be measured to sufferring.

Interview of collective of the 2nd link

In this one link, 12 interview person be called together undertake interview in a room. Above all, interview of interview official requirement person make a self introduction. Notable is, interview official emphasizes, interview person can use English, but if feel to be no good, also can use Chinese.

Although halfway, interview official emphasizes again, this position conveys ability to have particular demand to the character of English and language, encourage everybody to make self introduction with English as far as possible, but final 12 interview person in, only 2 people chose to use English, among them 1 person compares insecurity apparently, the effect is not very good.

Doubt: Very apparent, these interview person in, great majority is to think, with English how also be not a patch on comes validly with Chinese introduction, reach the designated position, but also reveal the flaw with a him English finite level so. Offerred when interview official Chinese and English when 2 kinds choose, interview person how should make a choice after all?

General manager comments on: You should consider two issues: It is English level of yourself; The 2 heavy visual range that are English of this labour oppose are spent. If your English level not beautiful, can affect your introduction to oneself, and in the job of the position that applying for, not be absolutely to the requirement of English, so honest ground lets interview official know his English level, should publish than using English constrainedly very the self introduction of flooey is fine much.
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