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The to apply for a job in Tanwei (medicine enrols business)
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Full name: Tan Weizhong
Sexual distinction: Male
Nation: The Han nationality
Record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Political appearance: Member
Be born year, month, day: 79, 03, 28

Connect a telephone call: 13180822252
Address: Jilin saves money of street of boundless blessing of area of green garden of the Changchun City only dormitory building

Working experience: 1) once assumed office Jilin province loves to build limited company of electronic science and technology (the countrywide action business that basically is in charge of acclaiming breed works)

2) once assumed office Changchun medicine Inc. (the sale of the action business that basically is in charge of area of OTC product northeast and general medicine works)

3) once assumed office Jilin saves limited company of distribute of Hua Yang medicine (main and responsible southern market is clinical the job enrolling business with general medicine)

Ego assess: Oneself are engaged in medicine selling working last a period of time nearly 5 years time. Working capability is strong, be good at expression be good at handling human relation. Hard-working, old medical industry sells experience, have the insight of acumen to medical market, can make correct judgement to client demand and give the negotiation succeeds, the medical client natural resources that and have accumulates for years.

Outstanding achievement expression: Oneself in above 3 enterprises had done work of the sale that enrol business, faces agency group is different. So oneself have experience with respect to the sale that does not have phyletic product (TV ad, OTC, general medicine, clinical) the phone of telephone court business visits a quantity average day achieves 20 above, and there is successful case in the job, go up in the sale of the company and is very big gains on individual outstanding achievement.

When I am making OTC product, main market is northeast and south a few provinces, before selling outstanding achievement to be in a company 3 my among them my double the rhizome of Chinese goldthread chews sales volume amounts to an odd pale blue 100 thousand. In the clinical respect that enrol business the sale outstanding achievement in liver division respect is highlighted, the month answers sheet of money specified amount to taste (liver hydrolyze peptide) amount to 230 thousand. Be in year of forehead that return a money is basic it is in 2 million yuan of above. And oneself are mixed in the OTC of respect of heart head blood-vessel clinical network is very comprehensive also.

The sale of above is him only the sale status that enrols business form with the phone in the job, the sale network that passes him effort of a few years in order to spread all over city of a lot of provinces, I am increasing original northeast market now strength development, the network that strives for oneself is enclothed black / auspicious / distant.
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