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How to write to apply for resume well
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Netease Beijing company is in recently invite applications for a job, a lot of resume are not clear about, or content has defective, this has to applying for straight
Influence. Want to know to be in thousands of resume, should cause above all " take an examination of an official " attention, and want say with finite dimensional circumstance
Clear, this also is a little knowledge. We are impossible on a too not clear, simple or too complex resume pester
Too long. So, what kind of resume is more practical?
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Above all, handing over resume directly in Email is more well-advised, if you have not clear problem to want to ask, can at the same time
Put forward. Because you ask a question only, the likelihood has time to reply without the person. This, we do not have method really. Some answer
The person that hire just wrote a few cases extremely simply, for instance: "After him undergraduate course graduates be engaged in the computer for a long time working " ,
Ask next " am I OK " or " salary geometry " ? This makes a person very embarrassed apparently. Still some of applicant does not keep even the full name
, how was this bit of sincerity still applied for?
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2, apply for domestic company, should have resume of a Chinese at least, such facilitating pass round for perusal. Processing speed is gotten quickly also much.
English resume can not represent your English level, because this is not an exam, others can do sth for sb completely; Besides, with oneself
Most adept language says a thing, either is efficiency highest?

3, resume should do one's best says substantial content with simple word full and accurate. What this respect does some resume is very good, be like advanced
It is clear that the face writes directly: "Zhang San, male, beijing person, unripe 75 years in May, bachelor of major of computer of college of Beijing grain industry, 975568161a8c© is this year's YingJieSheng.COM©d5792c152c of net of unripe to apply for a job
Year graduation " . List each item in the detailed in the form below again next. It is male that some resume looked a long time to also do not know female still,
Where is the home, let a person a moustache is guessed;

4, do not be afraid of phone or present working unit are kept inside resume. Changing the job is very normal thing, invite applications for a job most
Concise means is a phone is not Email, if use Email, so the efficiency that invite applications for a job works can drop the half is much still
. Besides, email hair will be sent went, who can wait? It is the phone that keeps working unit, we also 4005f8da13© is this year's YingJieSheng.COM©60d149af1f of net of unripe to apply for a job
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