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The eye that carries unit of invite applications for a job sees graduate resume
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Do you know, the resume of 80% is in 5 seconds in was not read at all even was washed out! Contrary, an editor major, make excellent resume will open you the gate of a yearning company.   

Graduation shortly, undergraduates made great efforts not little on resume, can is kongfu excellent? Wanted unit of invite applications for a job to say to calculate. Lady of kind of Li Yun of general manager of advisory limited company of international of abundant of Hong Kong wisdom, have experience of old invite applications for a job, read resume countless, she does not have the inferior position of working experience in the light of the this year's graduates, how to organize information effectively, complete outstanding Chinese and English resume and letter of to apply for a job, accepted a reporter to interview.   

Resume is communication ability reflect  

Ms. Li says, contemporary company emphasizes communicating ability more and more, the first time that resume is you and unit of invite applications for a job is communicated, your purpose is to let the other side is known and receive you, the purpose of the unit is to understand you.   

To ministry of unit human affairs, you may be one of applicant of thousands of, some resume were not read seriously even be thrown into ash-bin, more resume stay 10 seconds only in hand of invite applications for a job, escape hard also identical destiny. Those resume that write misprint of illegible, full paper do not consider pass a barrier at all, although you are a talent.

Ms. Li emphasizes, must take resume seriously pack, but although,pack important, those who decide victory or defeat is connotation however. The ability that whether you have unit place to need really just is apply for a success crucial.   

Convey individual information   effectively

If you do not have the requirement that the unit asks, calculate practise fraud to gain interview opportunity, same also meeting by get behind. But the person that if you are unit place,needs, did not gain interview opportunity however, whether to convey individual message effectively in resume with respect to this him examination.   

The basic content of resume is indispensible. Do not look simple, can always many people forget write on oneself connection method or it is sexual distinction. Ms. Li reminds graduate, the following content is resume in cannot little content: Encourage of be rewarded of setting of target of basic message, profession, education, place, campus reachs the individual experience of work of extracurricular activity, part-time job, groom, specialty of exercitation and professional attestation, interest.   

About the essential rules of resume, ms. Li says, want above all true and reliable. The real situation that actually the unit wants to learn you is not difficult, a lot of units regard honesty as the first main character, once the unit discovers your cheat, although your talent is again outstanding also won't employ you.   
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