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How should be resume of company of IT of to apply for a job written?
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Resume format -- not multifarious, "Not stick to one pattern "
Some resume are handwritten form, writing is not clear, cause dyslexia; Some people write resume to like to use art word, italics, "Look very eccentric " ; A variety of formats mix some resume with, have form, have straight composing, the paper that use variety is printed, style very flowery.

The destiny of this kind of resume enters shredded paper plane immediately namely.   

One kind a pretty resume is individual quality, knowledge is reflected, and resume is written non-standardly, "Not Professional " , give a person the first impression with respect to extreme difference. "From little bagatelle we can inspect a person. An undergraduate, write even resume bad, how does the enterprise give formidable task he. " assistant director of resource of labor power of IBM China company admonishs the friend beside oneself.

Resume content -- Jian Weixian, sincere letter is 2

Simple: Some resume are " novel body " , at great length is close 10 thousand words, be born from oneself write college graduate, your person is between tears and smiles; Some resume are very brief, have one page paper only, the photocopy of all sorts of certificate, degree, certificate is " a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role " , affected the attention that manpower is in charge of.

Want to know, the time of resume of the person that manager of foreign enterprise human affairs examines to apply for a job is very limited, "One busy rise average every 2 minutes are about to see a resume, like be like the university entrance exam to correct composition examination paper. " human affairs manager must " judge people with their appearance " , see resume be written namely how, " clean and agile " ; See postulate again, be like record of formal schooling, experience; Finally is ability, potential and disposition.

Sincere letter: The undergraduate enters duty IT to come out in the report on resume the biggest question is not sincere letter. Resume should be an individual the report of true condition, but the business that became a tunnel however on the operation is packed.

[Outspread read] some people like to do a resume only, next what job uses this resume, this kind of method 100% be failure. Because of any different jobs, it is different to the person's requirement, when making resume so, must be clear that what this job needs, next I ask in what unit of choose and employ persons tells you in resume I am accorded with one by one again.   

"Monitor " , " secretary of a Party or League branch " fly all over the sky, at every turn " national fellowship " , " achievement of great scientific research " . "Two same a school is same a major is same the resume of a class graduate, say management seeks advice actually- - of Bi Mawei transition miserable oneself are a monitor, say oneself are outstanding student, our enterprise does not want these two resume. " the controller of enterprise of IT of a civilian battalion of Shanghai takes angry ground to tell the author slightly.
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