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Resume brags the saddest sea is chosen
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The eye is being looked at got on for college graduate to apply for a job again " gather together " when, after all what industry can be become this year big popular? What position is just enterprise of invite applications for a job the rarest be short of? Meet to increasingly frequent campus invite applications for a job, what kind of view does the undergraduate hold? What are resume and the face is the fatallest error in trying... future announced recently without concern net " findings report of 2006 graduate obtain employment " made a reply one by one to these problems.

5 large trades are become invite applications for a job is popular this year

Investigation shows, the 5 large trades with most this year graduate of plan invite applications for a job are pharmacy of technology of the computer, electron, fast consumable, biology and estate respectively, offer post 38600 reach 39500. Su Ning electric equipment plans to be in countrywide invite applications for a job is graduate 1000 people, there are 5 intended invite applications for a jobs in 11 insurance company 2006 this year's graduateses, the demand of every enterprise exceeded 100.

A when appear in investigation more interesting phenomenon is, although the 5 large trades this year are become popular, but in the heart in the this year's graduates, before holding 5 industry however with big popular not complete be identical, these industries are negotiable securities of communication telecommunication, banking, computer, Internet and commerce respectively, in the computer and electronic technology trade, graduate of company invite applications for a job basically is technical research and development and technical application, as a result of knowledge and technology upgrade newer, industry division of labor is refined further, the enterprise spends a requirement to graduate intellectual major very tall. For instance Intel plans countrywide invite applications for a job 500 people, pursue research and development kind and produce kind of function job, basically consider Master above this year's graduates.

Talent of financial negotiable securities is talent market all the time is popular, one graduate entered Shanghai traffic college 2005 foreign capital bank, first years income achieves a this year's graduates 300 thousand yuan record of top yearly salary. But " it is too difficult to take a bank " , the company calendar year of industry of financial negotiable securities comes to university of very few invite applications for a job graduate, at present this industry basically lacks the management person with ability of business personnel and high administrative levels urgently, former requirement has natural resources of substantial person arteries and veins and social experience, the enterprise makes public invite applications for a job from the society more, latter requirement English is adept, informatization and financial knowledge collect understand the international regulation of the industry at a suit. This year's graduates of invite applications for a job of even if company, lay in as the talent normally an enterprise invite applications for a job 3 two.
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