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[Social personage] to apply for a job is directive: Lean close to of celestial b
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Resume, interview, interview, resume, the topic of Zhe Yongheng of to apply for a job.

Resume: Gibberish of card? " "

I had seen the resume of too much student, the biggest question is " gibberish " too much. Alleged " gibberish " the information that points to no point namely. For example format respect. Major student likes to be in of A4 paper the most topmost hit " resume " 4 big character. In fact, do not have completely necessary. This is just like write on the table on " table " 2 words are same, belong to gibberish. Size of paper of a piece of A4 is finite, will show oneself adequately, vacate a place to give however " gibberish " honest regrettablly.

Such gibberish is true still many. For example, write oneself computer technical ability, "Use Windows adroitly " , " can operate Office " , these are the application with the most fundamental computer, is the undergraduate of network times necessary to write? The main operation that does not keep HR to you can think you link the computer won't? Some undergraduates, when writing educational setting, the course that one pile place learns enumerate, be necessary? Still have those large but impractical, empty ego evaluation, self-righteous deep feeling, what do this have to help to your to apply for a job? Remember, the information that resume provides should be mixed apply for position to be linked together cheek by jowl.

I want to raise bit of proposal to the layout of resume. The time that HR sees resume is very short, according to statistic, invite applications for a job person 1.4 minutes are cost on average on every resume. So, resume should be in present you to HR for a short while " window " . And this " window " be teach background or be carried out or skill, be about to be mixed according to the enterprise apply for position to ask to decide. Decided " window " , you allocate it with respect to this best position and the largest space. What to put after basic message, put much great place to depend on you are right " ego window " judgement.

Make to resume, still have a proposal: "Window " want " bright sufficient " . "Bright sufficient " rely on data and fact with respect to need. For example, win some scholarship. This one window does not have what characteristic, have in the student that apply for too much those who obtain scholarship. Take fellowship to explain you are outstanding, cannot show you after all however much more outstanding. If you can use a number to describe fellowship, HR can is opposite your first-class rate be clear at a glance. Be like, explain whole courtyard fastens this fellowship 3 people take gift, the gainer of this fellowship is grade rank " Top10 " etc.

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