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The possibility arises 25 statements of bad influence to your resume
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Is your experience very rich really? Before you put in your resume, you must prove this.

When to apply for a job person when trying to promote oneself to potential employer, what there is faintness often in resume is verbal, manpower resource classics pays attention to be clear at a glance, according to the view of Scott Bennett, such to apply for a job person it is nevertheless " resume style " the author stopped. Contrary, the most successful to apply for a job person in avoiding the resume in them, appear these obscure terms, and the success that apt highlights him.

Do not express your working concept with not specific term, and should use brief, the technical ability that specific example shows you. In other words, show, but need not state. (Show, don ' T Tell. Don ' T Tell..

Bennett adduce the following example:

Do not use... " do the work in the environment of fast rhythm do a job with skill and ease "
And try... " everyday in the evening, the emergency call patient that I can control for 120 registers registration "

Do not use... " ability of outstanding written expression, communication "
And try... " the guideline that wrote professional term for 11000 users "

Do not use... " have the consciousness that crosses a branch, be good at group collaboration "
And attempt... " cooperate with the client, accelerate the response rate that supply and sells a branch, prevent the interference that serves to the client thereby. Prevent the interference that serves to the client thereby..

Do not use... " the case that there has been a success on analytic client demand "
And attempt... " create and carried out a kind of overall demand to evaluate a mechanism, will assist pair of services and employee to forecast demand "

The worst " violate compasses person "

Diligence and great ambition are commendatory word, right incorrect? But the allegation that if you cannot offer solid example to come,supports you, so manpower resource director also won't be persuaded by you. Bennett proposal is: In your resume, go up to these audition wonderful and clinking, but empty dull term wants in fact additional caution --





Pay attention to detail





Target orientaton (Goal-oriented)





Logic is strong

Have glow

Thinking careful

Be good at understanding another person



Quick-witted and brave

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