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Let your resume taletelling
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The president before HP company gets stuck Li. Fei Ao Ruina (Carly   Fiorina) junior when Ceng Zhui goes along with father Africa, his father has participated in the negotiation of African tribe, his African student can come to their home occasionally be a guest, with Ka Li father argues.

This experience looks be like the head that do not have li, do this grow to what she serves as a handler what is helped? Fei Ao Ruina expresses in the biography: She discovers from inside the discussion of father and African student, a lot of people value these tribe only tribal interest, cannot form to take the interests of the whole into account, emphasize the perspective of national status.

The company with so big HP, also be by tens of thousands “ tribal ” comprises. Of the leader brillant, it is a local interest that conceives sinister design each, conformity comes to the overall situation of this enterprise. Via her such narration, one looks be like the detail that have nothing to do, become suddenly very important rise. In our professional career, the most fascinating, may not is our honor and duty, however each such story.

Of Gore before contributor Daniel. Smooth gram (Daniel   Pink) ever expressed: The mankind now and burrow times do not have what different, the person that everybody is waiting Na Zhi comes in cave, give us taletelling. When we apply for a job, the person of those invite applications for a job also is to be in the ” of burrow of a certain “ of office building, those who waiting for you tell about.

The story is the most businesslike tell about means. Work in an advisory firm previously when, we the ” of “ elevator principle that speech of constant respecting individual demonstrates: If you encounter your potential client in elevator, he is caused before you should be driven in him to issue elevator to you, the interest of your business, imagine you demonstrate how one sword seals larynx, be in these a few seconds, attract each other at a draught. Resume also is same, otting of   of Laura of hunt head adviser has said, hunt head chooses resume time to be 8 seconds. Average company enrols a person, collect the resume accumulation that come to be like hill, the time that controller of invite applications for a job sees resume may trot along on horseback as much view is beautiful. How to let the other side understand an about right to your this individual at a draught, then generates interest, arrange your interview?

The “ that the story that resume place says is not narrow sense is very long a long time ago, I give birth to ” of Yu Mou ground such individual biography, however how are you designed through yours, let a person see your life contrail comes, and it and you apply for the connection between position.

Company of Mai Ken stannum communicates De Leisha of adviser of expert, government before. Wu Delan (Teresa   Woodland) the resume with a lot of advisory management designs Ceng Wei (refer a client) provide guidance. When I spoke of the writing of resume with her recently, she says: The job that “ does not want to write you to be made in the place on a certain position only, and the effect that emphasizes you (what is Impact) . ” Wu Delan says: When “ writes resume, you must ask yourself: What convention did you leave? What is your story (Story of   of Your of   of What   Is? ) ”
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